Official US State Tourism Information

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In planning our travels, we often overlook a free source of valuable information -- the official State tourism offices. Most have toll-free numbers and will snail-mail a wealth of information to you upon request. We have listed phone numbers here along with links to the official State websites.

Alabama(800) ALABAMA
Alaska(907) 465-2010
Arizona(602) 542-8687
Arkansas(800) NATURAL
California(800) TO-CALIF
Colorado(800) COLORADO
Connecticut(800) CT-BOUND
Delaware(800) 441-8846
Florida(904) 487-1462
Georgia(800) VISIT-GA
Hawaii(808) 923-1811
Idaho(800) 635-7820
Indiana(800) 289-6646
Iowa(800) 345-IOWA
Kansas(800) 2-KANSAS
Kentucky(800) 225-TRIP
Louisiana(800) 33-GUMBO
Maine(800) 533-9595
Massachusetts(800) 447-MASS
Michigan(800) 5432-YES
Minnesota(800) 657-3700
Mississippi(800) WARMEST
Missouri(800) 877-1234
Montana(800) VISIT-MT
Nebraska(800) 288-4307
Nevada(800) NEVADA
New Hampshire(603) 271-2343
New Jersey(800) JERSEY-7
New Mexico(800) 545-2040
New York(800) CALL-NYS
North Carolina(800) VISIT-NC
North Dakota(800) 435-5663
Ohio(800) BUCKEYE
Oklahoma(800) 652-6552
Oregon(800) 547-7842
Pennsylvania(800) VISIT-PA
Rhode Island(800) 556-2484
South Carolina(803) 734-0122
South Dakota(800) S-DAKOTA
Tennessee(615) 741-2158
Texas(800) 88-88-TEX
Utah(801) 538-1030
Vermont(802) 828-3236
Virginia(800) VISIT-VA
Washington(800) 544-1800
West Virginia(800) 225-5982
Wisconsin(800) 432-8747
Wyoming(800) 225-5996

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