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A forum to communicate by ICQ with other RVers, share resources and tell about their experiences. If you are interested in RVing please join us for our friendly chats at 9 pm Eastern Time on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Ralph is your ICQ chat host. The RVers ICQ Group also encourages its members to create RV Personal Websites. You can sign up at: http://www.companytown.com/icq/

THE RV CLUB -- An Online Gathering Place For RVers

Attention all RV enthusiasts:
If you have a computer and a modem and are eager to learn more about RVing, check out The RV Club -- the first online club designed specifically for RVers. This is a great place to meet other RVers and make new friends. Hundreds of RVers have already signed up, so you will find plenty to do and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get help from the people who know RVing best -- other RVers. The big difference between The RV Club and the big-name, overly commercialized clubs is that members do make a difference in The RV Club. They are the ones shaping it and helping to run it through the RV Club's Community Leader program, a unique concept in online clubs.

Point your Web browser to:

You'll also want to check out RV-Talk, an e-mail discussion list. To subscribe (it's free), send an e-mail message to [email protected]. Write "subscribe" in the body of the message (no quote marks, no other words, spelling counts).

The RV Club is not affiliated with any major corporation or controlled by any special interests. It's a small start-up with one goal: To provide the best online experience for RVers that can be had anywhere. We hope you'll join us.

RV'ers Online

A new discussion (Chat) group formed on September 2, 1997. No foul language allowed. This group will discuss items of mutual interest regarding the RV lifestyle (on-line, real time). You will need to download ICQ (it's free). Go to http://www.mirabilis.com. After you download and install, connect to ICQ# 3127887 or e-mail me if you have questions.
Thank you........... Chatmaster [email protected]

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